Quick color graduating tutorial

Would you believe that I used three solid colors to make that hat (minus the cute felt rocket ship)?

First find your favorite chunky weight, simple beanie pattern and three worsted weight yarns in colors that are in the same family but different shades (light, medium, dark).  I used Red Heart Super Saver.

Look at your pattern and if you are wanting a even graduation, divide your rows evenly by 5 (that is how many color changes you will have).  Of course if it doesn't quite work out by five...you can drop a color and go by four colors instead.

Next, decide whether you want light to dark or dark to light.  I wanted to create the look of the sky as a rocket leaves the atmosphere so I choose my darkest color first. 

Take two strands held together of the same yarn (either darkest or lightest) and work your first set of rows (determined previously).

To make it easy on yourself...cut one of your yarn strands and tie on the medium shade to the tail left behind and start to work your next set of rounds.  You should have two different colored strands in your hand.

Continue with the next color change which will be the complete removal of the first color.  Tie that tail to the medium shade so that both strands are the medium shade.  Complete your rounds.

Next you are going to do like you did before and remove one of the medium color strands and attach the remaining color yarn.  Complete your rounds and again you should have two different colors worked together.

Finally, tie off the medium color all together and attach the remaining color so that you have two strands of the same color and work your final rounds.

And there you go...a beanie with graduated colors!