Knitting Practice

So...I have been wanting to learn to knit for the longest time.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to crochet.  But the yarn industry seems to cater to the knitters of the world and designs all these beautiful yarns that just look fabulous knitted and a little wonky crocheted. :(  So what's a yarnaholic supposed to do?

I have taken knitting classes and I have watched the videos online but practice makes perfect and if you are crocheting all the time, then you just tend to put off the knitting.  Well I have come up with an excuse to knit!  I have started working on pom pom mini blankets. 

I recommend it for anyone that needs the knitting practice.  The hardest part about these things is starting it...but once you get over that, it is a breeze.  Not only is it making me practice the knit stitch, it is helping me to keep the stitches somewhat even because you can only go so far before you run into a pom pom.  I have a few more in the works right now so maybe I will figure out hats and booties by the end of the year.  :)