Swirly Rose - Free Pattern

Swirly Rose
           by Christina Ramirez

Notes: I used a H (5.0 mm) needle and worsted weight yarn. This is worked in a continuous round.

Swirly Rose
To start, form a magic ring.
   Round 1: Ch 2. Dc 10 times into magic ring. Tighten loop.
   Round 2:  Skip starting chain. Bpdc into first dc of round 1 twice. Continue 2 bpdc in each dc around (20bpdc)
   *SKIP for the smaller flower  Round 3: Just like the previous row, do 2 bpdc in each of the previous rounds stitches.  (40 bpdc)
   Round 4: Bpdc in next 10 stitches.  Bpsc in next st. Sl st. in next stitch. Tie off.

With the same or an alternating color, find the first st on the center of the flower.  Attach yarn and ch 1 and then sc in same st.  Continue to sc in each st. all the way around the flower.  Tie off.  The tail from where you attached the new yarn can be pulled through to the back.

Ch 10
  Row 1: Sc in second st from hook. Hdc in next. Dc in next. Trc in next 3 sts.  Dc in next. Hdc in next and sc in last.
  Row 2: Starting on the other side of the ch in first st, repeat row 1.
Turn and work sl sts through the middle of the leaf until the end.  Leave a long tail for sewing.

Please feel free to sell any items you make from my patterns but please do not reproduce my pattern as your own.  You do not have to credit me when listing items for sale but if you love it please feel free to tell everyone where they can get one!


  1. Such a lovely rose! Thanks for sharing the pattern!!!

  2. Had an inspiration -- going to do this in tan and brown, maybe lighter weight or even thread, so it looks like a cinnamon roll. Then I'll apply it to the front of a congrats card: "Congratulations on the bun in the oven!" :D

    1. OMG that is brilliant! I hope it works out just how you want it to!

  3. Bedankt voor het delen van dit mooie patroon. Ik heb een link geplaatst op
    http://knutsel-dekentje.blogspot.com 25 november.
    Vriendelijke groeten, Jacqueline

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